Theme preventing me from editing page content

Hi all,

I have a really strange problem.
For some reason my theme prevents me from editing the main and sidebar content.
I can though edit the footer content.
I also get the edit boxes, and the change color when hovering.
I can though not click them to edit.

No problems with other themes.

Anyone has any idea how this can happen?


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nerdess replied on at Permalink Reply
hey is your HTML valid? e.g. no div-tags there that shouldn't be there and so on? As this can cause the inline-editing to mess up.
companyou replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks you for the quick response.

Other then a </span> withoud a <span> generated for the breadcrump (by the cms), and on another page (that does not have the lone </span> as it's not the homepage) an empty ul. No.

At least, not according to the html validator plugin for firefox.
And not as far as i've seen.
s2d replied on at Permalink Reply
Is this a theme you got from the marketplace or one that you are developing?

One way I know a theme can possibly interfere with the CMS controls is if there are some z-axis properties in some of your page elements that prevents block edit dialogs from showing.
companyou replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes, that's it.
I used a z-index of 10 on an element.
And that blocked the editing.
Thank you very much :D.

What is the maximum z-index i can use though?
Because it can be quite handy sometimes.
s2d replied on at Permalink Reply
Doh - I meant to say "z-index" - LOL!

I read somewhere that C5's editing objects are at a z-index of 5, but I haven't found anything official to confirm that.