TinyMCE - remove styles

First of all, I checked TinyMCE itself and realized that it worked better so I'm posting this in the c5 forum..

I'm using typography to add a couple of styles to TinyMCE, works great!

1. Select text
2. Select style, text gets css class
3. Unselect
4. Select text again
5. Select style again to remove it -> doesn't work
6. Do not unselect text
7. Select style again to remove it -> works

It looks like it doesn't recognize the fact, that the text already uses the css class.

This problem occurs here too:http://tinymce.moxiecode.com/examples/full.php...

But there's one thing I can do with the TinyMCE demo which I can't in c5:

1. Select text
2. Select style "example1"
3. Unselect text
4. Select formatted text again
5. Select "styles", not a style but rather the first entry called "styles"
--> styles removed

First thing looks buggy in TinyMCE but the second should work in c5 too, shouldn't it?

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