Unable to access my site map

I logged into my site today to continue to edit it. When I click on Sitemap in the Dashboard, the Sitemap doesn't come up, but the message preceeded by a red exclamation mark reads ! Load error! (parsererror). At the bottom of the page the error message is:
"An unexpected error occurred.
Module 'gmp already loaded"

I'm running c5 version and these packages:
4Concrete5 Dashboard (0.9.0), Advanced Color Picker (1.0c), Code Display (1.0), Location Map (1.0.3), Overlay Gallery (0.9.3), Spacer (0.9.3), Vivid Simple Accordion (1.0.1), Wieldy Theme (1.7).

This is the very last line of my environment information:
{"error":{"message":"Module 'gmp' already loaded"},"errors":["Module 'gmp' already loaded"]}

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hutman replied on at Permalink Reply
I would check with your host, it sounds like the PHP gmp module is being loaded multiple times on your server.
suzannemc replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you. I will contact them. I totally forgot to post the site, which is paccoastsupply.com. If go to the site, you'll see the problem. The concrete5 logo appears in the upper left corner and the error message shows at the bottom.
suzannemc replied on at Permalink Reply
You called it correctly. I contacted my hosting company, they investigated and they had installed an incorrect version of Php. Thank you so much.