Unable to Save Form

When trying to update then SAVE an existing form, I am getting the following error message displayed in the debugger console. I am unable to SAVE the form.

An invalid form control with name = "ccmCaptchaCode" is not focusable. Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CACHE_MISS

I am seeing this issue in all of my forms.

I also attached a file containing the image of what I am seeing,

Any advise....?

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Mnkras replied on at Permalink Reply
I believe that is a chrome issue, can you make sure you are up to date?
Wthrwyz replied on at Permalink Reply
I was getting this error in Chrome as well (latest version). Switched to Firefox and now I get a popup tooltip in the very bottom-left of the screen that says "Please fill out this field before submitting the form."

It seems like it is trying to enforce the CAPTCHA that is part of the form itself when you try to submit an edit to the form. It shouldn't.
TravelNet replied on at Permalink Reply
Noticed this problem pop-up after updating to I'm going back down to 3.1 until this gets patched.
robodev replied on at Permalink Reply
The confusing part is that in FF, the error is on the upper left, while in Chrome, it highlights the captcha box....once you solve the captcha, it updates the block.
jero replied on at Permalink Reply
There's a fix for this:

Basically adds the html5 required="required" attribute to the CAPTCHA and that's what's stopping the update from saving
digievo replied on at Permalink Reply
This issue is resolved by upgrading to concrete5 and then upgrading to

I never tested going straight to

As mentioned previously it was caused by a bug in
pgoldenberg replied on at Permalink Reply
I stumbled upon an easy solve for this. When in edit mode (and clicking on the the form to bring up the next menu and clicking edit), I went to the Options tab, made my desired changes and before clicking Save went over to the Preview tab and scroll down to the captcha, filled it out and then clicked Save.