Unable to access page after block usage

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I upgraded to the 5.2RC version, installed a couple of gallery blocks and now I am having some trouble. Can anyone help?

First - in maintenance mode of the dashboard, the "Index search engine" has been running for about 5 days. It won't stop so I am unable to index again.

Second, I have a page that I used a downloaded gallery block. Since adding the block to the page, I am unable to access it to edit it, etc... can't even delete it from the Sitemap.

Any help?

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jizzle replied on at Permalink Reply
Ok, was able to delete the page by commenting out line 88 in loader.php. After deleting page, uncommented the line.

Only problem now is the index is still running and need to try and uninstall the 2 blocks that didn't work for me.
Pseudo replied on at Permalink Reply
Line 88 in the /concrete/libraries/loader.php

Help !!!

Complete message:

Warning: require_once(/concrete/config/../blocks/flow_gallery/controller.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: Aucun fichier ou répertoire de ce type in /concrete/libraries/loader.php on line 88

Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required '/concrete/config/../blocks/flow_gallery/controller.php'
in /homepages/../concrete/libraries/loader.php on line 88

Just returned to 5.1.1 version: WORKING !!!
Keeping the old vesion for now...
andrew replied on at Permalink Reply
At this point I would go into the database and remove the flow_gallery entry manually from the BlockTypes table.

We are trying to tweak the loader functionality so that, if it's unable to find a file, it will die silently, so in these occasions it won't matter that the file can't be found.
jizzle replied on at Permalink Reply
After the steps I noted above, I also manually removed the gallery from the database.

Also, any ideas on why the maintenance jobs are still running/how to stop it? I assume that it is a variable in the database that gets set when you run the job, and then resets when finished. I haven't delved that far into the db to find it. Any hints on locating this?
synlag replied on at Permalink Reply
had the same trouble with a custom block see bugs
andrew replied on at Permalink Reply
Because it's very likely that the job did eventually finish, but the particular PHP script aborted before the variable in the script could be set.

To reset the status of your jobs and allow them to be run again...try this query:

update Jobs set jStatus = 'ENABLED';
jizzle replied on at Permalink Reply
Yup, that worked great. Ran the job afterwards and it finished fine. Thanks!