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Is there a way to upload more than one image/file/asset at a time?

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Mnkras replied on at Permalink Reply
Hit upload multiple in the top right of the filemanager
smartwebprojects replied on at Permalink Reply
You can upload images via ftp to '/files/incoming/' folder, then go to File Manager in the dashboard. Click on "Upload Multiple" link in the top right corner (near the "Upload" button"). In the popup choose "Add from incoming" tab, select the checkboxes for files you want to be uploaded and upload.

To my experience, it is the fastest way to import many files into concrete5 file manager.
dbahara replied on at Permalink Reply
Got it. THank you.
kahac replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi i have tried this option but obviously i do not have permission to write anything to incoming folder.

I can even not change permission on my ftp (I get message Cannot change attributes of remote files)

It didnt work also with control panel. (Permission denied
filemng: Error occured during /bin/mkdir command)

Any idea what could be wrong?

stonereptiles replied on at Permalink Reply
Necro Bump

Okay is there a way to do this add from incoming thing directly to a specific set?