Users getting knocked out of edit mode

Good morning,

We just went live with our new C5 site yesterday. I'm excited about that. However, we have noticed that since doing that users are getting knocked out of edit mode when trying to go to a page to change content. Here are things we have found:

1. The user can log in and get to the site map.
2. clicking visit on a page takes them to the intended page, not in edit more.
3. logging them in from the page they wish to edit takes them to the welcomes screen, clicking on a page in the site map knocks them out (I am currently looking to find where to change the login behavior so they can stay on the page they want to edit. the back arrow takes them back to the dashboard, still logged in.

Does anyone have any pointers for us the get people back into edit mode?

A couple more notes:
We are in C5 8.2.1
Pretty urls have been enabled
Canonical links are in use and the option to force everyone to canonical is checked.


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hutman replied on at Permalink Reply
Does your host use varnish caching? This type of behavior often happens using varnish because it shows the user a cached version of the page instead of the current version (so the edit bar does/doesn't show at the wrong times).
bayleafmedia replied on at Permalink Reply
Our host does.

Is there a reason why this behavior would only be happening now that we've gone live and enabled C5 caches and not during the four months of development?

I'll take a look into disabling varnish cache and update here.

bayleafmedia replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Our Security Appliance Squid caching service was the problem. Once we reset that cache our editing bars came back.

thanks for the prompt with the caching possibility