v5.7 - jpeg compression on small images

When I upload a small image (ex: 345x213 pixels), the image is used directly in the site without any JPG compression.
The compression occurs only if the image is resized to a smaller size.
But, I need to be careful with the weight of the image.
For ex: I have an image 345x213 px but 343 kb ! But only 7kb reduced in 90%

That is to say that the user must be careful with the weight of images before upload: not all C5 users can do that, they upload their images, they don't want to waste time optimizing their images.

How can I force compression for all images, even small?
Do you have in C5 the ability to store the original image (always need it for thumbnail) but display only optimized images?


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MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi aruben,

In the next version of concrete5, there will be a new client side image resizing and compression feature. It allows for setting the max width, max height, and image compression quality of images before they are uploaded to the server.

This feature was added by community member mesuva.

"Client side image resize on upload, dashboard page for configuration #3193"

You can control the image compression concrete5 uses by default with a config setting.
misc' => array(
    'default_jpeg_image_compression' => 80

If you choose a modest compression level, that doesn't cause noticeable artifacting, I don't believe it will be necessary to keep an original image on the server.
aruben replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks, it's a good news.