Version 8.0 Topic List displaying duplicates

Just noticed that v8 is displaying the same topic multiple times in a topic list - whether a straight up topic list, or filtering by topic (page list), I'm getting duplicates of the same topic being listed.

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tallacman replied on at Permalink Reply
does v 8.0.1 fix this?
juddc replied on at Permalink Reply
No - The instance is for a portfolio of items - Topics are Print Design
or Web Design, and I've used the topics to help filter a page list. With
some items I'll get 3 or 4 duplicate listings of the topic, others 2,
others 1.

The duplicates are consistent though - and not random.

On 2016-12-08 9:05 AM, concrete5 Community wrote:
siton replied on at Permalink Reply
In elemental site its works fine (version 8.1). I install test site to find some other issues:

Check cache issue (Concrete5 "clear" and/or hosting and/or browser). Also make this test again on another page (create topic list and page list and test this - you see the problem?)...test on another browser

You upgrade your site from 5.7.X to 8? (maybe this is upgrade bug). You can add this issue to github (helpful to add URL).
katz515 replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Did you guys upgraded the site from v5.7.x?

If so, I've already submitted the bug report to GitHub.
juddc replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes - That's what happened.
katz515 replied on at Permalink Reply
I've assigned my programmer to fix this.
Please keep checking the issue, once the issue is resolved, we'll update the issue.

(Since we're using our extra time to fix, it may take some time, if anyone else can jump in, you're welcome to do so)