Versions not working

The ability to select an older version to restore doesn't work. any idea of why? I have 2 sites so far with C5 and both sites version functionality don't work.

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wagdi replied on at Permalink Reply
How are you selecting the earlier versions? Did you delete the new versions after selecting an older version? Have you tried clearing the C5 cache and browser cache?
carmijo replied on at Permalink Reply
well, when i rollover edit on a page and then click on Versions, a window appears that has all of the previous versions. So, then i would check the checkbox on the left for the one that i want to restore. But after clicking on it, none of the buttons from up top, Compare, Approve & Remove, are active, meaning i can't click on them. So i can't really delete any older versions. I cleared my browser cache, but no luck. Not sure how to clear the C5 cache though.
wagdi replied on at Permalink Reply
Try deleting the newer versions, select the older version and publish that one. Or approve the older version and remove the newer version. You won't see the results unless you remove the newer version.

The C5 cache is found at -

Dashboard>> Systems and Settings>> Optimization>> Clear Cache

(Replace '' with your own domain)

or- Use the 'Intelligent Search' and search for 'Cache', 'Clear' or 'Clear Cache'.
carmijo replied on at Permalink Reply
Well, now i'm totally confused. I cleared the cache, but nothing changed. I'm not sure how you would want me to delete the current version. when i click on it, the buttons up top still aren't active.
wagdi replied on at Permalink Reply
My bad. It's been a long day.

They wouldn't be active because the page is already published and in use. You can't remove the latest page without first selecting an older page... so..

Select the older page (the one you want to use) and 'Approve' it; then select the newest page (the one you want to get rid of) and 'Remove' it.

If the page you want to use is a few versions behind then follow the same process but select all the newer pages and remove those.

Note: You can only delete the new version after you have approved an older version.

I hope that all makes sense. I'm really tired so excuse my gobbledigook.
Let me know how you get on. If you still can't do it, send me a PM with login details and I'll do it for you. :)
carmijo replied on at Permalink Reply
that's the problem, i can't click any of those buttons.
wagdi replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Try doing it through the sitemap-

Go to the sitemap in the dashboard, click on the page name, click 'Versions' and select the version you want.

You may also want to check your permissions. I'm guessing you are logged in as admin (because you can see the previous versions) so it should work but check them anyway.

What browser are you using? It may be worth trying a different browser?
carmijo replied on at Permalink Reply
That was it! i just had to go through the sitemap and then make sure to delete the newer versions. It worked great. Thank you very much.
wagdi replied on at Permalink Reply
Phew.. I'm glad we got there in the end. :)
You're very welcome.
AllisonMandzuk replied on at Permalink Reply
Okay I am having a very similar issue. I have tried to approve an older version to remove a newer version where I accidentally erased most of the content on my page. i cannot for the life of me, in the dashboard or on the homepage, delete that newer version so that I can have my homepage back. PLEASE help me. dying here.
AllisonMandzuk replied on at Permalink Reply 3 Attachments
Here are some screenshots of some of the issues I am having. if I select the version and click delete, the wheel spins for a second, and stops, but the page is still there, if I go back to the page I always see the approve version in the top right. if I approve it, it goes back to the bad version I don't want.