Very slow loading speed. GoDaddy, "its a scripting problem".

My web page takes very long even when I'm logged out ( 5sec-30 sec to load) , and sometimes it doenst load at all. I emailed go daddy to ask if there's a problem and they said "it appears to be a scripting issue".

My website does not have many functions and full page caching is enabled.

What could be the problem?

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Nornik replied on at Permalink Reply
The problem is probably that you picked a shared hosting account with them. Those are the most restricted servers they have and the sqls are ran on separate servers. However thats kinda what you get for unlimited bandwidth and really low pricing.

If you want to increased speeds, you can either look at other carriers or you can go to a VDS with GD. That will put the sql on the same server and will increase the speeds dramatically.

So its not a script issue, its an sql issue.
u1c1 replied on at Permalink Reply
You sounded like me before. Yes there is no such thing as a quality/reliable/fair unlimited, as we have all found out. You lose something (usually a lot, and then have to change), but I disagree with low pricing as being always sign of bad. Yes, 1 out of 100 hosting companies with low pricing are good, and rest probably stink, but my point being there are good ones.

My cost has been only $1 a month for many years, and I get amazing, amazing hosting. Zero complaints from me. Everyone I have referred to WebHostingWholesale (WHW1) hosting is also happy.

FYI. I have used the Godaddy VDS as well, and unhappy with them. Poor servers. Resource limitation is extreme.
s2d replied on at Permalink Reply
This site has a number of issues. The first appears to have to do with the hosting itself - I've made no secret of the fact that I am no fan of GoDaddy's cattle truck approach to shared hosting. But this host has a relatively low number of sites hosted on it for GoDadday - only 169. I've seen them pack as many as 300-400 sites on one shared host. If there aren't that many now, it won't be long before there will be...

Another has to do with something your site is attempting to load from - no idea what, but your site can't reach the content and that's adding a couple of seconds to your page load time from where I sit.

I also noticed as I loaded your site that it timed out completely on some page loads, and threw a database access error, probably due to the way GoDaddy configures their database servers. But the one I was trying to reach may have just gotten a restart or something.

If you haven't already, open up the developer tools that are starting to be included with all the major browsers - I use the Firefox add-on Firebug to see all this information. Also, the site has a nice assortment of network troubleshooting tools.
gcoreadmin replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for recommending Firebug. Its really useful. I'll try to find out what is themes.googleusercontent....

I'll move out of GoDaddy soon. But I wonder if the lag in load time could be more than just a GoDaddy issue.
Phallanx replied on at Permalink Reply
An obvious one that stuck out was that in main.css you are attempting to load a background image from

That site is in America and your server is in Singapore so latencies will be huge. If you are going to use their background image (and you have permission etc) then download it and reference it locally.

In terms of the DB error (which I saw too). Make sure your site is set to show errors (debug mode rather than production). This sort of thing is usually caused by a typo in the config.php (missing quote etc) and production mode will hide a shedload of errors.
gcoreadmin replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks Phallanx for your response.
With reference to
the source is from my main.css line 721. But i double checked main.css, it only has til line 719
Is there such thing as Ghost?

And I just plug and play the package I from the market place, so I don't know how to get into "edit mode".
gcoreadmin replied on at Permalink Reply
Hey everybody, this post is long overdue. But I just want to share that my speed issues are solved. :)
The solution was to change my web hosting services from godaddy to hostgator.

Thanks everybody.
olidev replied on at Permalink Reply
GoDaddy is slow anyway, it's a shared server. I would suggest you to give vps or cloud servers, like DigitalOcean or AWS, a try. They are really great for php apps, better performance and security. If you don't have sysadmin skills to setup and manage cloud servers, then you can use server provisioning tools or Cloudways php hosting platform. This way you can automate the server setup process.
weyboat replied on at Permalink Reply
This post is from 6 years ago?
Why are you replying to it now?