warning invalid argument supplied for foreach()i

Hi. New to concrete5. After editing slide text in Formigo Vertigo slider I have a proper display on computer but the mobile site displays this warning in each instance of text. Please pardon me, I'm not technical but am giving it my best shot. Thank you!

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SWfromVA replied on at Permalink Reply
I forgot to mention: I've cleared cache in both my own mobile (I use to test site), as well as within the website (via dashboard). I also had trouble with the text showing at all on mobile so took out any instance of text size in html. Instead kept H2 for all slides. Fyi.
mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply
Could you post the whole error message please?
And if you had a live website that we could check it would be even better.
SWfromVA replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you for your response!! I just went back to my mobile and do not see the warning any longer. (??) Instead, where the warning was (on each slide's text-designated half) there again is no text.

After I left my initial post here I went back to both mobile and website and once again cleared cache/cookies. Perhaps this helped with the warning message but my text still fails to display on the slider.

Here is my site:http://www.wecleanforgood.com/

Thank you thank you!!
INTcommunications replied on at Permalink Reply
I would think that the slider has width and height inline css that it is not showing the whole thing because of those defined pixels. Try percent for width and/or height - or take them out.
mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply
I agree, I checked on several devices and only when the screen gets smaller does text disappear. You can reproduce this when just resizing your desktop browser.
I tried to debug but the javascript is hanging as soon as debugger is open and I can't check anything.

Since it seems to be a problem linked to the add-on itself, I strongly suggest you contact the developer directly and ask for support.
SWfromVA replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you both so much for helping. I really appreciate it. I'm not technical at all but everybody I know is, so I know this is how open source culture is, but still, thanks. I'll see what the Formigo guys say.