where do I look to find editing info for footers?

Still new, but looking for where or how I change the footer information on the "dark chocolate" theme. I've read all the posts regarding footers but do not understand where exactly to look for the files or how to go about finding them. any advice is greatly appreciated as always.

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Adreco replied on at Permalink Reply
Open your C5.4.1.1 folder and open as follows: Concrete - Themes - Dark Chocolate - Elements - Footer
(read and edit the file contents with editor software like Adobe Dreamweaver or use a free one like Notepad++ or Gedit)
boomgraphics replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello, go to where Adreco said, and here is the code you'll see. I tried to comment it so it'll be easier to see what's what. :-)

<div id="footer">
    //this line has the powered by concrete5- open source cms info.
    <span class="powered-by"><a href="http://www.concrete5.org" title="<?php echo t('concrete5 - open source content management system for PHP and MySQL') ?>"><?php echo t('concrete5 - open source CMS') ?></a></span>
    //this line is the copyright(@copy) sign and the current year (echo date('Y')).  DIR_REL is the url to the root of your c5 install, and SITE is the name set in your Site Name field in sitewide settings in the dashboard.
    &copy; <?php echo date('Y') ?> <a href="<?php echo DIR_REL ?>/"><?php echo SITE ?></a>.
    //spaces (&nbsp;)
    //this line echos all rights reserved.  I don't know why it is echoed vs simply written with regular html, but there it is.
    <?php echo t('All rights reserved.') ?>
    //this next bit starts an if then statement that outputs your username if you're logged in, and a link to log in if you aren't logged in.
    //initiate new user object.
    $u = new User();
    //if you are logged in, then do the following:
    if ($u->isRegistered()) {

Here is my personal rewrite of the code. Maybe you'll find it useful.
<div class="container">
        <div id="sitemapLeft" class="s18">
            $block = Block::getByName('Sitemap');
        <div id="sitemapRight" class="s6 last">
            $a = new Area('Column 1');
        <hr />
        <div id="footerLeft" class="s5">

Hope it helps! :-)

EDIT: If you aren't familiar with how these forums work, to see the full code block in forum posts click on the "View entire code block" to the bottom right of each snippet.