Where does the Global Scrapbook go?

I recently upgraded a simple site from 5.4.2 to 5.5.1. It had a couple of global scrapbook items which do not show in stacks. Where do these global blocks go when migrating to the new version?


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ScottC replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
From what I've gleaned(from reading the actual code) they still work, but the new stacks are scrapbooks that are in the site map under the !stacks path but otherwise work more or less the exact same way internally.
SpencerC replied on at Permalink Reply
Scott, thank you.

I now see the Scrapbook through the Site Map when I select the option to View System Pages. Of course the C5 team thought of that!

I have one site that's got 500+ pages built through a Global Scrapbook. I wish Stacks was around when I developed that one. I suppose using Default Page Types and Child Pages it would not be too cumbersome to convert.

colin4255 replied on at Permalink Reply
Now tyry using any of the items in the scrapbook while editing a page and you will find you can't.