Where is the Alt tag in the File manager?

I don't find in google/forum the answer for something very basic for SEO and accessibility.

Without alt - screen reader will say the name of the file for example "Sfdfdf235545wow". Anti pattern :(

I see the alt in 2 places:
1) Add "Image Block" --> set alt
2) In "Content block-->Add pic --> click Edit on it --> set alt

But what about the file manager itself?

The alt of the same pic can be difference in two places (The surrounding content matter) - but in "real life" one default alt can be ok (and if you want override it)

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carlremy replied on at Permalink Reply
Changing the Title attribute should change the Alt tag, but IIRC, it doesn't change it retroactively for images that have been added to a Content block (5.6, I don't have enough experience with 5.7).

It's good practice to change the Title and Description.