Where is the root index.php file in C5??

Hi all,

I'm new in C5 i've made many sites with joomla! I have now a problem to find the root file of my website for example if i want to customize something like the nav-menu in Joomla! i could go to the root folder of my site and edit the index.php where i can find all the elemenst like nav-menu (home-about-contact) or the content... etc

I can find the elemenst what i need only via Firebug.

Plz i need help. One of the frustrating things with C5 cummnity is that when you realse a question.. you get one comment with one suggestion and if that doesn't work... your question would be forgotten (not always but many times).


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goutnet replied on at Permalink Reply
Ok, let's ignore the last comment you made on your question, or that would really imply that I should not be answering you. Let's just pretend that I did not see/read that one.

Now, Concrete5 is a totally different concept from Joomla, you do not have to edit the index.php (which is located like you would think at the root of your project btw), but instead, you edit you theme for the css, you add custom templates for the blocks you want to customize and so on.

You can also directly "style" a block using the builtin edit interface to add a custom css for that particular block.

I think you really want to spend a little bit of time reading this :


It will save you a lot of time latter, *really*.
jasteele12 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Malko,

Oops, looks like I'm the dreaded second to reply, sorry about those many Joomla! sites :-P

The short answer to your post title is /your/webroot/index.php

A link to your actual site/URL can help here in the forums. You might find a better response by giving more information about what you are trying to do.

If you can see it in Firebug, I'm going to assume you're talking CSS for the autonav here. My Firebug tells me which file contains what I'm inspecting.

Take a look at these files (you didn't mention your theme):
themes/sometheme/*.css (probably main.css or typography.css) OR
concrete/themes/default/*.css (might be another core theme) OR

If that doesn't cover it, a search for "concrete5 autonav template" should give you decent search engine results. This kind of template override is normally only needed if you have to customize the functionality - not the place for CSS.

Good luck, and welcome to concrete5!

Malko replied on at Permalink Reply
well, i've tried to reach the root file but didn't help. I have actually a problem with the nav-menu it appears and disapears (sub-menu) so many times on hover. I have to change this:
<ul style="top: 48px; display: none;">
<ul style="top: 35px; display: none;">
i couldn't find it in the css of the theme nor the css of the nav-block.

You can check it on this link:
(link is hidden) pm for help
Thanks for you reply