Why i dont have composer?

I have just finis to install Concrete5-8.2
no proble but now i can not set up anything , i dont find the composer section
would some one help me to fine what i do wrong?

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MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi JacquesK,

Composer is not available for all page types by default. It can be manually enabled and configured or setup by a theme.
JacquesK replied on at Permalink Reply
thanks , i use an older version for (other site) and it was easy to find how to use and modify it
i use elemetal now for this new one but i dont know (and odnt find) how to activate the composer evnt for the "home" page
please can you teach me how ?
Gondwana replied on at Permalink Reply
Further to Mr Dilkington's comment, here's an example of how to create pages via a composer form:
JacquesK replied on at Permalink Reply
May be i did not explain my problem well,
I want change the "home" of elemental but i cna not find on the new version how do it
it looks like ti was lock...
MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply

I am afraid I don't understand the question. Please rephrase your question.
tracyb replied on at Permalink Reply 3 Attachments
I'm having a bit of the same issue. I followed the instructions exactly from here.
Couple of things.
1. Advanced permissions is turned on.
2. I have given permissions to the "contributor" group (see attached)
3. when logged in as the contributor I can add the page but the composer is not available.
4. I can add content to the content block and save. I can add blocks, stacks, and clipboard.
5. the selector form option is missing from the instructions. Not sure if this is what is causing the issue. I have tried both options with no luck.
6. Using theme fundemental
Thank you