Working with, resizing blocks

Is there a direct way to resize blocks without writing code?

I see that they can easily be moved around on the page, but cannot figure out how to resize them.

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bryanlewis replied on at Permalink Reply
if you go into edit mode and click on the block you will see a menu. click on "design" there you can edit the css.
gcurry replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks, Bryan. I was hoping to avoid that, but I'll give it a try.

Appreciate your quick response.
reginac replied on at Permalink Reply
I am not a programmer... I am a novice at this. What do you mean when you say "edit your CSS?"

When I go to the CSS tab in the edit mode I am greeted by three empty boxes. Am I supposed to know code to enter?
guythomas replied on at Permalink Reply
Simply enter
width: 200px;

to set the width of the block you are working with.
NACounsel replied on at Permalink Reply
I've tried setting the CSS to "width: 200px;" in all three of the empty columns. It doesn't adjust the size of the block at all. Is there any way to adjust the size of the blocks?
Thor2010 replied on at Permalink Reply
Bryon, I am using v 5.3.2 and when I click on the block that I want to re-size, "design" is not a choice. Is it possible to re size block to what I would like and how? I am not very experienced.
jordanlev replied on at Permalink Reply
There is no way to directly resize blocks without getting into CSS code. And even the solution that bryanlewis and guythomas suggest won't always work, depending on how your theme's html and css code was constructed.

What you might want to try is adding a Layout to the area that has the block you want to resize. Note that this might make things even more confusing because it adds some weird-looking things to your page -- but if you get familiar with it it works very well and doesn't require any coding. To add a layout, click on "Add to Main" (or if the block in question is in the sidebar area, click "Add to Sidebar", or "Add to ___" whatever area it's in), then choose "Add Layout..." from the popup menu. Enter 2 columns and 1 row. Now you need to put the block inside the "Layout 1: Cell 1" (or something like that) and leave the other cell next to it empty. Now you can drag the layout border to the left and the right so set the specific size of the block inside it.

Hope that helps.