XML sitemap not generating

under system & maintenance under the job 'generate sitemap file' I repeatedly get the following message -

The file /home/flyfishi/public_html/sitemap.xml is not writable

My domain iswww.www.flyfishinginnewzealand.com... and I am newbie to technical stuff so thank you to whoever can take the time to help with this question which probably appears dumb to those who know...
thank you

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madeforspace replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
That sounds like a permissions problem.
Use your FTP programme to log on to your server and find your sitemap.xml and change the permission for the file to 777.
If that is all double dutch PM me and we can talk through it.
RoyB replied on at Permalink Reply
brilliant thanks - that worked and I really appreciate how fast you replied. thanks for your help