External links bug

I think I've come across a bit of a bug. If you create an external link via the sitemap, then copy this external link under another page, it appears that it makes an alias of this external link and not a copy of it. Also if I then delete this copy/alias…

embed external

Hello I would like to embed this url in my concrete5 site: http://blups.nl/getijden.php I dont get it working if i use iframe or use the responsive embed block. The URL contains a piece of script what i want to show. Below is the part where it is…

Listing the last 5 pages

Hello there; With the following code, I list the subpages of a particular page. However, this code lists all the sub-pages. But what I want is to list the last 5 sub-pages. How can I limit the number of pages listed? [code]

How to include within the Head in the Themes folder

I have successfully been able to add a new line within the Head of a Theme in Packages; but I can't do the same with a Theme that I built myself and that only resides in the Application/Themes folder. What I am trying to do: I want to add some extra PHP …

Workflow Deny Approval action

Hi, I’m running v8.3.2 and I'm a bit stuck on the configuration of a basic workflow. I created an Editor group which should approve or deny the changes a user makes to a page. The workflow access “Approve or Deny” is set to Editors group. The Editors grou…


Hi, it is possible to install FontAwesome? Thank you

Displaying contents of an iCal feed in Concrete5

Hi, Is there a way to display the contents of an iCal feed on a C5 website? We have a database that produces iCal feeds for events (which would allow us to automate event displays on our website). Has anyone had success displaying the contents of such …

Modification thumbnail type for block

Hello, I would like to change the thumbnail type in the attribute page block. Someone would have an idea of ​​how should I go about it? Thank you very much


Hello, can someone tell if this difficult to implement with concrete 5? http://github.hubspot.com/pace/docs/welcome/

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