importing a calender

I've been given a URL for my calender from another do I add it to my page...which block should I choose?

Pagelist not working on mobile

Hello everybody ! A pagelist displayed on a sitewide block on my footer doen't work on mobile devices. I only displays the "no page found" text. I tried to delete it and change it, but it doesn't solve anything. Does anyone ever had this issue ? H…

Error- Width must be an integer.

Hi, I keep getting this error: "An unexpected error occurred. Width must be an integer." I haven't changed any codes anywhere. I just installed/and tried to install new items in add block part of admin panel, but now receive this error in everypa…

Formify Download URL from file manager

I need a bit of help with displaying files from the download manager. The front-end form asks the admin/editor user to select pdf file(s) from the file manager. Which will be available for download on Then within the Formify templates in need the a…

Form Block Reply Email Address not working

I have created a contact form using v8.1 When placing the block on a page I selected 'reply to Email Address'. When a submission is placed the reply to email address field is ignored and just displays the default admin email address. Is there a setting…

Sticky objects

Hi everyone. I'm trying to overlay an html file over a background image. Does anyone know how to make the html block stay there ie " sticky " ?

Best way to organize a blog?

When I have created tons of blog posts, I suspect that Sitemap page will look like one big mess. Or not? So what's the suggested way to organize things.

code block not formatting properly

I am working on a blog post in Concrete5, and I need to place a bunch of C# code in a code block. When I use the HTML editor and place the block MY CODE HERE , the preview shows everything is fine. However, once I visit the page, all of the block spacing…

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