Modifying main.css in Cloneamental

Hello, I have a really simple problem that's giving me a bit of a headache. I'm trying to use a background image on my website, but the "Main" block background-color is in the way. How do I remove this? The color is #ebebeb and I found it in the main…

CKEditor manual installation of plugins

I have followed the instructions for the manual installation of the Line Height plugin, adding it to the plugins folder and changing the file, should this now appear on the Rich Text Editor list to be selected?

I get this error after upgrading to C5 8.3.2

After I upgraded from 8.3.1 to 8.3.2 I get this error when I try rescanning multiple images in the File Manager. The error didn't exist before I upgraded, also I didn't modify any files after the upgrade. I will attach a screenshot of the error.

Gibt es hier auch User aus Deutschland ?

Hallo, ich habe als "Rentner" so einige kleine Fragen und das deutsche Forum wird wohl nicht mehr beachtet.... Ich muss mich auch gleich outen, was die Englische Sprache angeht, das ist nicht so toll. Bevor ich jetzt hier mit meinem Fragenkatalog a…

Stucco theme

I can't edit my stucco theme. When I go to edit mode and click on the + button, it is not giving me clickable option to edit the content. Rather than seeing a finger to show the options are clickable I got a hand. Can someone please help

Google Adsense?

Hi there, I am just wondering how I might go about adding Google Adsense to concrete5 v8+, I have followed the guide that Google has provided and searched far and wide on concrete related forums etc. But I cannot find anything that successfully helps m…

Calendar Not Visible When Logged Out

I've created a new calendar in Concrete5 v8.3.2 using the theme supermint 3. Everything works fine while logged in. I can create events, etc. Everything looks great I also added an event list that looks fine. However, when I log out I can no longer see t…

Area permissions not inheriting correctly from Page Type defaults

I'm having issues setting area permissions on a new page type. The idea is users will be able to create a new page based on the page type but only be able to add specific blocks to the pre-defined areas on the page. I've setup the new page type and set…

What the Hell is 'Invalid Token'?

When I try to post a reply all I get is:- "Invalid Token", does that mean I can only post and reply a limited amout?

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