Call to a member function getSKU() on null

I am using C5.7.5.13. I am trying to pull data from a different block to put it in my form block. Right side in the form area where is say…

Emailing Registered Site Members

Hope everyone is doing well. Can anyone recommend a C5.8 add-on where the admin can send mass emails to the registered members of the C5.8 website?

Versioning in succession

Hi, I had a project recently that needed daily content updates to occur at a certain time each day. I created four versions of the page, each with it's own scheduled release date and time. However, C5 only released the last version on it's time schedul…

I was editing my site and it froze now I can't edit, no edit button.

I was editing my site and it froze on me, cleared the cache and when I log in there's no edit button, just a silver bar, not sure what's happened. I tried logging in from ie, firefox and chrome, nothing works. Is there a backdoor in? How can I get this r…

Cannot click editable area

Hi, I cannot click on editable areas. Even with no javascript or css inside my html the editable area is not clickable ... Any hel would be welcome! Many thanks

Fatal message

Hi there I hope someone can help. I was editing a page when this message popped up ( see screenshot attached ). I can't edit or seem to go back to earlier version. Many thanks in anticipation.

Code Display

Hi, I've got a problem with the "Code Display" Block : I can paste code into it but when I close the Block editor no code is visible in my page (Concrete5 8.3.2). Thanks Vincent Le Mieux

Can't delete user

Hi, I cant delete users from dashboard (c5 8.2.1.). For workaround I've just deactivated users. It gives me this error. [code]An exception occurred while executing 'DELETE FROM Users WHERE uID = ?' with params [4]: SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity con…

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