Seem unable to delete a page (ver 5.2.1) generates following error(s)... Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'ADODB_Exception' with message 'mysql error: [1366: Incorrect integer value: '' for column 'cPendingActionTargetCID' at row 1] in EXECUTE("update P…

Page List with image thumbnail?

Is there anyway with the current version to make page lists pull an image off the page they link to and use it as a thumbnail that appears next to the page list, ideally clickable ?

Maximum Number of Templates? + Navigation Ideas

Hello all, Just discovered Concrete today and I'm really interested in using it for a long-term project I'm starting. But I have a few unique questions that I need answered before I start pouring hours into development. I have an fairly large stati…

Wrong Page Type

Hi. I wonder if anyone else is having the same problem I'm experiencing... I try to add a new page type and choose the left side bar icon. However, when I go to set the page defaults it's showing as a right column page. Thoughts? Thanks, CJ

C5 automatically logs out

After editing a page I click to edit another page and C5 logs me out. I get the page I want to edit but the top editing bar is gone. I go back to dashboard but I have to log back in???? Has anybody encountered this and if so how did you fix it? I do…

LDAP Integration

Any body using c5 and LDAP for user accounts and permissions?

What version am I running?

Where in concrete5 can I tell what version of the core code I'm running?

Link is changing

I have put a link to a photo album that opens in a new window. This works fine. My problem is when I sign out of the dashboard and again test the link. Now two sections in the link have somehow been added [index.php/examples] which has suddenly been ad…

URL squashed and changed

I've got a URL from Amazon, and it looks like TinyMCE is encoding it, for example changing all the % to 20&. I've modified the editor_config.php file in several ways, and have done this successfully for other issue, but this one isn't fixing. Nor…

Subpages - Autonav - Only show subpages of active site

Hi guys, I'm a concrete5 newbie and i didn't get how to create a subpage of an existing page.. I do only see "Add a Page" and nothing more.. I would like to show subpages only when clicking on a "Main Page" in menu.. Could you guys help me please?

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