Page List with image thumbnail?

Is there anyway with the current version to make page lists pull an image off the page they link to and use it as a thumbnail that appears next to the page list, ideally clickable ?

Maximum Number of Templates? + Navigation Ideas

Hello all, Just discovered Concrete today and I'm really interested in using it for a long-term project I'm starting. But I have a few unique questions that I need answered before I start pouring hours into development. I have an fairly large stati…

Wrong Page Type

Hi. I wonder if anyone else is having the same problem I'm experiencing... I try to add a new page type and choose the left side bar icon. However, when I go to set the page defaults it's showing as a right column page. Thoughts? Thanks, CJ

C5 automatically logs out

After editing a page I click to edit another page and C5 logs me out. I get the page I want to edit but the top editing bar is gone. I go back to dashboard but I have to log back in???? Has anybody encountered this and if so how did you fix it? I do…

LDAP Integration

Any body using c5 and LDAP for user accounts and permissions?

What version am I running?

Where in concrete5 can I tell what version of the core code I'm running?

Link is changing

I have put a link to a photo album that opens in a new window. This works fine. My problem is when I sign out of the dashboard and again test the link. Now two sections in the link have somehow been added [index.php/examples] which has suddenly been ad…

URL squashed and changed

I've got a URL from Amazon, and it looks like TinyMCE is encoding it, for example changing all the % to 20&. I've modified the editor_config.php file in several ways, and have done this successfully for other issue, but this one isn't fixing. Nor…

Subpages - Autonav - Only show subpages of active site

Hi guys, I'm a concrete5 newbie and i didn't get how to create a subpage of an existing page.. I do only see "Add a Page" and nothing more.. I would like to show subpages only when clicking on a "Main Page" in menu.. Could you guys help me please?

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