Auto Nav problem

Hi, Iam new to concrete5 and am having a problem with the Auto Nav - - I cant find away to stop it dropping to the next line after each button, any help with this would be much appreciated, many thanks.

Adding meta to header

Hello, is a problem with Multi-Language in C5, so I decide to use the php_execute block and write some code to determine users browser language. Now I wanna put an header information and redirect depend on the language. [code] // Accept Language f…

"Global block"

Hi, First, I want to thank about great CMS. We have tested and worked with 15-20 different CMS (open source and commercial) and we’ll love C5. We are creating Finnish Concrete5 site and have one problem. We have footer that contains three cont..…

C5, SMF - Forum Wrapping

Hi Everyone: I LOVE C5!!. I've built what I think is a great site ( ) I've intentionally keep the default template because I love the simplicity of it, although I have added all new graphic images ...anyway to my ques…

Flicker block problem

I downloaded the flicker block and unzip into the root block folder, but when i to to add functionality, i get a screen of code, like something is missing? any pointers?

Performance on large scaled websites

I didn't find anything while searching through the forums here, but it would be interesting to know if anybody already made experiences with C5 and heavily frequented websites. There's a project I'm currently working on. Initially, joomla was the syste…

Can't Add Blocks

When I click Add to Header Nav or Add to Main the window/dialog thing comes up and it says. [code]Fatal Error: Call to undefined function mb_detect_encoding() in blah blah/public_html/concrete/helpers/concrete/marketplace/blocks.php on line 17.[/code] …

Have user specific permissions

Hi i want to have it so that each of my users can edit a specified page and only that page. is there any way to do this besides making each person a separate group? If so please tell me how

Ordinary Users should change their password

...but without access to Dashboard generally. We've imported 500 Accounts. Concrete gave him per email a password but mostly very cryptic. So the users want to have their own password! How to do? Greetings from Germany

Unable to access page after block usage

I upgraded to the 5.2RC version, installed a couple of gallery blocks and now I am having some trouble. Can anyone help? First - in maintenance mode of the dashboard, the "Index search engine" has been running for about 5 days. It won't stop so I am un…

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