Sitewide Blocks

Is there any way to indicate a "sitewide" block? I'm developing a theme that I would like to contribute to the marketplace and I want it to have a logo (at least for my site). But I don't want to make anyone who wants to use it edit the header.php in or…

selected navigation item

Is there a way to indicate a css class for the current navigation item? I'd like to set an "active" class on the navigation link for the current page?

Make a Section?

I'm not able to figure out how to make a section (the folder that contains pages) in the site map... Can you help me please?

Inserting PHP code

I'm trying to insert some php code in some of my concrete pages, but I can't find how ? When i edit my page with c5, I can't insert php code. Thanks in advance

RSS Displayer help please

I'm trying to use the RSS Displayer on the feed at but I get the error "Oops, it looks like you've entered an invalid feed address!" What am I doing wrong?

Tips I've found for the Slideshow block and posting images.

While working on my site today I made a slideshow of 3 pictures but 2 of the pictures went outside the block I was working in. A little experimentation led me to the fact that the block will always size itself to the smallest height pic in the slideshow.…

Problem with Google Map block

For some reason I can't get the map title to change from the default "My Map" to anything else. Every time I update it it just reverts back. Help! site address: Greg

Navigation & Blocks - How do I...?

Hi, I'm new to C5 and so far think it's great. At the moment however I have 2 problems. Hopefully someone can help :) 1. Navigation - I have created an autonav and it puts all the pages I want in except the Homepage. I can't figure out why not…

Blog implementation?

Aloha! I was playing around with c^5 a little, trying to figure out how it could fit the things I'd like to implement on a website. One questin that came to my mind is: How do you guys implement a blog? Is there a special c^5 Block for this or do yo…

image sizes

Hi I'm new to concrete5. I'm just trying to get to grips with it. Ive made a custom theme, blocks and set up the advanced permissions etc. So far it's excellent. I'm stuck not been able to specify a fixed image size or resize the image on the …

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