Preblem with my first website

Hi all. Sorry if my question is too basic... I have a hosting at I installed Concrete5, and the first think I did is to create a first website, using the templates that provided concrete5. My page is built on "yogourt" theme. I have…

Identify C5 Version

How do I identify what version of C5 I am running? Thanks

Copy Default Theme

I have modded C5's default theme and I would like to know if I can simply copy the theme and then rename it so I don't lose any of my customization? I would like to: 1. Copy the default theme to the appropriate location in the C5 directory structure. …

Search probems

I have tried this with both 5.2 and 5.3. It appears that the indexing of the site for searching only indexes pages that are accessible by Guest. Here is what I have done. While logged in as administrator I edit a page to make it only accessi…

Can I speed up loading?

Hi there. I've just started, and have 5.3. Love it a lot, and am very new to all this. Quick question. When I type in my site "www.etc" it takes about 30 seconds to load. And then in the dashboard area, once it is loaded, it takes over 30 seconds to …

Where do we download addons?

Hey i want to download the addons but there is a small problem... there is no download button... look

Removing images from default theme

Hello! I would like to remove images from most if not all pages in my site. Just the simple, elegant layout with no images at all is good for me. Seems that whenever a new page is created, an image is added automatically. Can't find where to change this..…

Search Block Limit

Hi there, I've just read here on this forum the the search function only allows a minimum of four characters. Is it possible to change this to a smaller amount? Thanks!

white font color theme does not show in wysiwyg editor

Hi, i have made a theme wich has a dark background color/image and white text. But now when ik start tot write/edit the text all the text is invisable because the editor background is white and so is the text. Can this be adjusted?

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