Object Expected Popup Error

Recently (i'm not sure what changed) when i try to add a new block to a page i get a IE pop up that says "Object Expected" and then a button that says "Ok" I hit ok and then the list of blocks comes up fine. Doesnt seem to have an effect on functionalit…

Define Tag for post

Hi, Also posted this on Block request. I have implemented the Blog feature, explained in another thread(thx) but would like to add TAGS related to the post. So, what I need is an extra field, where user can add tag for each post and be able to search o…

change background color on one page only.

My westbayvet.com site's background is black. Are there any add-on forms here or elsewhere I could download (testimonial input) where I can play around with text and field color so that they will show up?

Google Calendars

Google calendars uses iframes to display calendars on websites. Is there a way I can embed a Google Calendar on a default C5 page? I have tried inserting the iframe code as HTML but it does not display at all. Thanks

Change menu color

I would like to change the main menu bar color. Any help? Thanks

Search Terms / SEO

I'm new to C5 and trying to set up some SEO / Search Terms. Where can I add a list of search terms? Thanks for the help?

Sitemap Organization

How can you organize the folders and pages in Sitemap? I see there is a subfolder called "Examples" under the Home folder. I would like to add more category folders to organize my pages in the Sitemap, but I believe I read this is not possible because i…

Access denied error upon edit

I'm wondering if anyone else has run into this and, if so, what the resolution is. I added a page for my client which they later tried to edit and could not. I was able to reproduce the problem he described without fail. We navigate to the page, cli…

Form responses error

I have a simple newsletter form on the site, but when I go to 'Show All' in the responses section I get a page not found error? Any ideas?

Filter Posts