Bilingual site?

Hello, can anyone please tell me if it's possible to build a bilingual website out the box. Best wishes Lee

access permission

I want to make registration form and i have question Is it possible to do like this -guest can access page -registered users can not see that page

Accessing Site in Maintenance Mode

Sorry, search function isn't currently working for me. Anyways, I just installed C5 and put it in maintenance mode while I work on a theme. The problem is, I don't know how to log back into the site now! Is there some type of folder like…

horizontal ruler color in Content Block

Is it possible to change the color of a horizontal ruler in a Content Block? I'm trying this in the html editor and each time I save it, the color information is stripped and I'm left with

[SOLVED] How to solve my problem with the french accent?

Hi! Everything is working fine and it's suprise me a lot. But when there's some french accents in the Page Name, it render with strange caracters. Ex.: Page Name: porte d'entrée In the Page description: porte d'entr♦e And in the title bar ...

User changable image behind content block

I have an image behind some text, I want the user to be able to change the image and change the text over the top. But once the image has been added you can't click on the text block, the only way I can do it is by deleting the image and then editing t…

single file upload on win2003 with iis

Has anyone been able to upload with the single or flash uploader? everthing seems to work great but the upload. I can upload with other php cms with not problem, so i dont think its a security issue, but not sure. Any place to look for why it seems to u…

Best way of using C5 offline?

I want to know if there is a way to use C5 and update content offline. Once online I want to be able to upload the difference or the whole thing to my live web server. If not, What's the best way of backing up everything (Database and all)?

How to Mirror Content?

I am trying to figure out how to implement a calendar - a list of important dates - on our website. The requirements for this "calendar" are very slim: it is simply a text list: Sep 28: Soccer Tournament Oct 17: IDP Registration Oct 23: IDP Placement…

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