Bring us to England.

So I've been to England a few times as a kid, and I very much want to bring my family and Andrew over for another visit - ideally this summer or fall.

Sadly I have no money for a trip of this scale. We don't need to get rich off of it, but we do need to make some money to pay for the travel. Here's some things that you might want to buy that could make this trip happen:

1) On site consulting. Andy and I bill $125/hr each and we'll happily give you up to a day rate of $800. If you're an agency building a lot of stuff with concrete5, perhaps you'd like us to come check out what you're doing, and provide some advice on how you might do it more efficiently in general. If you've got a specific project in mind, perhaps you'd like us to spend a few days helping.

2) Training. We do all sorts of training classes online today:
The downer is we do them from 9-5PST which tends to be a pretty sucky time slot for you guys. If we can book a few dozen training courses, we'll happily jump on a plane rent a hotel conference room and do them in the flesh. I just need to figure out a way to make sure we sell enough of them before we buy plane tickets and whatnot.

3) Any other ideas? I don't want to accept donations like we did for SXSW, but I'm open to anything to get over there and hang out.

I know that however we get there, we will want to goto a local meetup and drink a lot of beer, so don't forget to post to that other thread on where you are and when you can meet.

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Hi Frz

We would definitely pay for a couple of days of your time.