Local Meetups

Okay so we're on the cover of Webdesign magazine in the UK but there's no local meetups happening. This insanity must end.

Want to get a pint and chat about concrete5?

Speak up. What city are you close to? What days work best for you?

Lets just get some people chiming in here and I'll help get the ball rolling.

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DigitalCrate replied on at Permalink Reply

Indeed, the madness must end. I'm waaaay down south near Eastbourne, Brighton way. Anyone else in this neck of the woods?
jbx replied on at Permalink Reply
Myself and OpenJuice have been discussing this for a while now actually. Maybe it's finally time to stop discussing and start doing :)

I'm thinking London would be the best location initially, as it is the capital and everything! Plus most people can find a train that heads in that direction. I can source a venue easily enough, depending on what kind of format we go with. If people are willing to travel, then we could make a full day of it.

Any thoughts?

shadowcomputers replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm 30 minutes from Ipswich, Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk and the same for Colchester in Essex.

If London is the popular choice I am 2 hours away so I make that too.
pixelfish replied on at Permalink Reply
We are based in Bournemouth, and im not aware of any companies using C5 locally. If you are let me know.

I always thought a London meet up would be good as its more central. If there is talk of organising a London meetup then a couple of our guys dont mind getting a train up. We are also more than willing to help out with anything down the South West.

On a seperate note, locally we have a more general meet up every quarter in Bournemouth. Its called meetdrawhttp://www.meetdraw.com/about-meetdraw/,... if any of you guys can make it its always a good mix of digital agencies. We help sometimes with the organsing, and i believe in the summer there are plans for a two day event with speakers from the likes of google etc. If this coincides with the C5 Uk visit ill try my best to sort out Franz as a guest speaker.

Also another good event i went to recently in Portsmouth ishttp://www.heartandsole.org.uk/.... They had speakers from wordpress etc. For Uk digital people its another good one to watch out for the next event.
r1digital replied on at Permalink Reply
Well we are in Manchester which would be a great place to hold a C5 meet :)

But if someone gets the London one running we'll be there :)
Teddie5000 replied on at Permalink Reply

I am in Stockport and am just completing my second C5 site and really am loving getting into it after using Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal before.

I've got two more C5 sites to do next month which are trivial but I love the ease with which you can build them.

I have a problem though with the form on the current site I am working on. I want to the customer to receive a trackable link to a PDF to downloaded in the reply. I cannot find anything that does this.

It would be great to have some contact so I can chat to people to solve this!!

glowmedia replied on at Permalink Reply
There must be more C5 developers than just me in Nottingham, come on team East Midlands lets get the ball rolling..
AWCwebmaster replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm right on the south coast, midway between Southampton and Bournemouth, so a southern meet would suit me.

baronne replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm in South Wales, but conveniently located near Bristol, Gloucester,Newport & Cardiff.
I'm up for getting together.
wagdi replied on at Permalink Reply
1. London. Waterloo.. walk 2 mins to the Southbank Centre, check out the fantastic Hayward Gallery.. and upstairs for drinks at 'The Members Bar', Level 6, Royal Festival Hall. Wifi too. :)

2. Bring your bike. Arrive at Kingston or Surbiton railway station, cycle to Hampton Court Palace, take a mini break and enjoy the stunning gardens.. out of the gardens and into the Pub for a swift half or two.. either continue into Hampton Park and enjoy its vast grounds or leave the Pub, Back over Hampton Bridge and follow the river cycle path.. Stunning views with conveniently located Pubs along the way. ;)

3. If there are those of you who fancy a physical & mental challenge; we could have a Develothon©*. Cycle, code, drink, code, eat, code, drink, code, cycle, drink, code, eat, code, drink, code... well, you get the idea.

If none of those take your fancy.. There's always 4.

Our local Pub. Great service, great beer and possibly the best food this side of the Atlantic... a closely guarded secret it shall remain so if youre really interested, ask me for the address. Could turn it into a 3 mile Pub crawl with 6+ pubs on the way. ;)

*Travel tip- Its approximately 10 minutes from Kingston Upon Thames.

I agree with Jon, London is the way to go. Easy to travel to and many great locations for future meets.

Weekdays or weekends depending on everyones work schedules. Are you guys tied down to an office chair or are you possibly free to enjoy a sunny weekday?

Well up for it. Email me if you are interested.


*Develothon©- Extreme endurance coding.
novelnova replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm based in basingstoke so London is good for me.
russellfeeed replied on at Permalink Reply
+1 For Basingstoke

I'm a Web Solutions Architect for a sizeable distribution company based in Basingstoke. We run a few microsites, and have also built a back office tool using C5 and are considering if it would be a good platform for a sales office system.

Particularly interested in the development side of things and understanding it's MVC framework better.

My home is in Ascot, so London is easily my preferred choice.... although Ascot Racecourse would be ideal as a venue! ;-)
melat0nin replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm in Edinburgh (not in England!) and I'd be interested in a meet up. I know there are a few other Scots on the forums, and you core chaps would *not* regret a trip north of the border!
arcanepain replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm down in Tunbridge Wells but yep, London would be very do-able for me...South Eastern trains might assault the wallet but they do just about manage to get me up to town in around an hour!
DigitalCrate replied on at Permalink Reply
Yep, I agree, I think London is definately the right start for the first meet up and I'd be happy to travel to the big city and meet other folk :) I too have contacts based in London so i could also offer event locations should they be required, as well as help organise things overall.
frz replied on at Permalink Reply
someone should be in charge of taking pictures at this event.
someone should gimmie a mailing address for some swag.
wagdi replied on at Permalink Reply
Im happy to take photos..

I'll PM you my address.
DigitalCrate replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm happy to deal with swag if thats cool with every one else? I no one has objections I will mail over my postal address to franz?
r1digital replied on at Permalink Reply
Sounds good here

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dancer replied on at Permalink Reply
In Sunny Berkshire here... far enough from London to hear the birds sing but close enough to make it for a meet.

I did an extensive freelance stint at an agency in Surrey. They use C5 almost exclusively... I could get the lead developer to come with. Franz, I believe you have spoken to him over Skype sometime last year about a job... I will leave it at that.

I potentially have a large job on the horizon where I will need to extend C5 and will need some technical help...

Consider this thread "monitored"
melat0nin replied on at Permalink Reply
Alas Edinburgh's too far from London to merit the trip. Maybe we can get something going between Edinburgh/Glasgow up here? I know dojodesign and engageit are both based up here (as well as many others..)
jbx replied on at Permalink Reply
Don't want to ignore the guys north of the border either! I love Edinburgh and I'm sure there is a way to combine a meetup with a few of the finest single malts :)

If the London gig goes well, I'll be happy to head north and help to put something together up there with you guys...

jbx replied on at Permalink Reply
Wow - that's a massive response! Guess I need to get something sorted out then :)

London appears to be the popular choice, so I'll get a list of venues together.

Speaking just for myself, I would prefer a weekday, as I consider this kind of networking to be a work thing (albeit a rather chilled out day at work ;) ). So how about Friday May 20th?? If enough people can make that day, then I'll start a new thread for it and get a couple of venue suggestions going.

r1digital replied on at Permalink Reply
Im sure we can clear a day :) might be worth having the C5 open to potential users as well as us developers.

Got a few ideas how to make this work JBX, send me a pm ;)
openly replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Everyone

We are always keen to help organise a meet-up in the UK and share some of the cool stuff we are doing in C5.

Jon can we hook up to organise a co-sponsored meet-up.

pixelfish replied on at Permalink Reply
Friday the 20th would be fine, we are easy with dates so i dont mind any day in the next coming months, along as its after the 5th of May.

Are we talking day or evening thing?

It would defiantly be worth getting an idea of numbers, and also every one chipping in with ideas to give the meet up as much worth as possible. As nice as it will be for all us current C5 users to meetup and share a beer, i think it would be also a great idea to try and attract new potential users/people who may of heard about C5 but not used it yet. It would help then to talk to some of us in person. Anyway thats just my input.

So far i guess London it is, with jbx and openjuice taking the lead on organising/sorting a venue etc?

Im looking forward to this.
jbx replied on at Permalink Reply
Ok, I've started a new thread...

Jump on that and let us know your thoughts.
Pixelfish, I like the idea of trying to encourage new users to come along. Are you thinking about end users or devs?
jstuart replied on at Permalink Reply
Just starting with C5. It would be great to have a local meeting. I am in Bradford.
Jebediah replied on at Permalink Reply
Down near cardiff here. I'd be really interested to hook up others and see what's cookin'.
openly replied on at Permalink Reply
EclipseDesign replied on at Permalink Reply
I am based in Leeds, a good few hours for me but i will be able to make it!
AfroMedusa replied on at Permalink Reply
Also just started using C5 as alternative to Wordpress. I'm based in Bradford.
vasquito replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi All ~ how embarrassing is it that it takes a magazine article to get us talking about ... well just talking :-)

North of the border myself, and in the vicinity of Edinburgh. Now someone mentioned malt I seem to recall, and of course Edinburgh offers 'The Scotch Malt Whisky Society' ('A very curious society') - or would that be considered an unfair advanatage ???

Whilst an IT professional, I do not build websites for a living, and C5 for fun . . . (maybe there's a cure for that . . . ?)
scooterb69 replied on at Permalink Reply

Anyone from Scotland around the Glasgow area using C5?

sunraySte replied on at Permalink Reply

I'm based in Middlesbrough. so i think a meet 'up north' would be good. cant make London just yet.

I can't believe how easy it is to develop themes for concrete5... outstanding.

senshidigital replied on at Permalink Reply
yep. we are from Glasgow. RIght on George Square.
melat0nin replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm in Edinburgh :)
teknojunkey replied on at Permalink Reply
Hay, im in glasgow too !!!

let me know if you have anything organised up here, be good to meet more C5'ers for a friday pint !

cheers for now
Freesat replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi there. We are based in London,SoHO area and have been doing some clever things with C5 and always keen to talk about how we are using the CMS and seeing what other people are doing.
jawbonelid replied on at Permalink Reply
Just throwing my hat in. Based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire but most clients London based.
jbx replied on at Permalink Reply
Resurrecting this thread, as I'm organizing another couple of meetups!

There will be another two in London during October (exact dates TBC) and also one in the East Midlands. Full details will be posted on the Meetup pages:
East Midlands:http://www.meetup.com/Concrete5-East-Midlands/...

In London, we will have one meetup for end users and one for developers. The East Midlands one will initially be for everyone.

I'm also looking into South Wales and Edinburgh as possible locations later in the year, so shout if you're up for one of those!