Promoting Concrete5 in the UK

Hi UK C5ers,

I am trying to think of ways to promote Concrete5 in the UK and would like to know peoples thoughts and suggestions.

I have started by adding a review on the British review site as it is a place where users not just magazine editors can write what they think, and would ask if you please add your own if you can.

When looking around reviews and CMS comparison web sites I noticed that most do not even list Concrete5. How can we change this?

Does anyone have contacts with any review sites, newspapers, magazines? If so, why not ask if they will do a review on Concrete5?

The more we help promote Concrete5, the larger the community should grow, meaning more add-ons, themes and people in the forums and hopefully future meetups.

So, what are you thoughts?

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wagdi replied on at Permalink Reply
I agree.. you already know my thoughts about this... hit you up on skype in a min.

1- A 'free-for-all day' where developers meet users and try to gain an understanding of their needs & wants etc..

2- A "Non- Profit day" where everyone can offer their services gratis for one day to non-profit organisations; a nice way to quickly increase the number of local sites running Concrete5.

3- College and University presentation workshops. Even Secondary school workshops.

4- Why not invite local businesses to an afternoon of tea and cakes. They can talk about what they expect out of their website, ask questions, learn more and we can do a presentation running an online demo. If you organise a Concrete5 'Demo' day (100 people or so), I'll come and do the talk/presentation.

5- If I can get a few local radio spots, would anyone be interested in talking about C5?

6- How about posting 'free ads' in local papers, Friday-Herald etc.

shadowcomputers replied on at Permalink Reply
For the radio spot, might be good for a user and/or designer to talk about more as people tend to turn off when techies start talking about technologies they love... or it could just be moe that bores people! :P
wagdi replied on at Permalink Reply
Ahem ahem.. Anyone up for it?? Im not sure my voice is right for radio :/