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Promoting concrete5 will not only help the project but also the growing community of concrete5 enthusiasts. The best promotion is your enthusiasm for concrete5. None of this is without credit for our amazing community here at concrete5.org. 

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Easily earn Karma Points with every promotional action you do - start earning today! Make sure you take some photos and Submit a Karma Request for your amazing deeds. We greatly appreciate your energy!


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Show your concrete5 love by sharing our iconic sticker throughout your community. Take a photo of where you placed the sticker and receive 100 Karma Points.



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If you are mentioning concrete5 through a blog, article or clientele, you can easily earn extra Karma Points by using your own individualized URL. Whenever linking back to us, use this URL to instantly receive your Karma Points. 



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Meetups are great for introducing people to concrete, meeting potential clients and spreading word about how concrete5 can benefit your web presence. Community members have been hosting local meetups for years, now join them with our free meetup kit. 

Remember to share your photos and or videos at the meetup for your Karma Points rewards and a possible showcase on Totally Random!

Meetup Kits will be Available Soon




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If you have the potential to share concrete5 banners on your website, or projects, that would be great. Have them link back with your individualized URL for instant Karma Points anytime someone clicks through to our website. 

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Product Sell-Sheet

Need something quick and informational about concrete5 either to hand-off to at a company meeting or potential clients - no problem. Download and print our concrete5 product sell-sheet. 

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