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It's no secret we're not your typical open source project.  We had five years of commercial versions released before going FL/OSS.  Like you, we get money by making money.  We have absolutely no venture capital behind us.  This gives us the privilege to do things our own way.  This software is serious business for serious business.  We could also use your help:

    1. Get the word out.  We've had an exciting year, and it's been largely due to grass-roots efforts.  Wherever you talk about building that internet, please, talk about concrete5.

    2. Internationalization. We have translations into approximately a dozen languages today that all need to be kept up to date. We'd like a dozen more. If you speak another language, we really need your help.

    3. Theme it. Whether you're a creative agency with a full design staff, or if you just have some time to chop a free HTML template, there's nothing wrong with adding another theme (paid or free) to our marketplace.

    4. Add functionality.  We've created an eCommerce system, a forum and a few other doodads.  Our community has built blogging platforms, a bevy of image galleries and other popular features you would expect to find in a CMS.  Why not get in on that action? 

    5. Submit Code to the core - we're on github and would love your help.


4548OS_Concrete_5_Cookbook.jpgconcrete5 Cookbook from Packt

If you want examples of real-world projects explained from top-to-bottom, you'll find excellent approaches to buidling with concrete5 inside this awesome book from Packt Publishing!







Beginner Developer's Guide from Packt

Are you already comfortable with PHP and just need a good developer focused beginner's guide? Check out this awesome book from Packt Publishing on concrete5!






1646OS.jpgCreating concrete5 Themes from Packt

Looking for a practical, hands-on guide for how to create powerful concrete5 themes? Want to make a mobile responsive site? Check out this awesome book from Packt Publishing on concrete5!


Tools we can't live without

Sequel Pro