controller tasks on home page not working

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Would love to have a nice happy way to make this work.

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Remo replied on at Permalink
Hey Mike
I wonder what kind of approach you've got in mind. You said you don't want to let the controller make that decision (404 or not).
As far as I see it, this is the only way. The request object cannot know whether a page (+method) actually exists or not. Only the controller has that kind of knowledge due to which I don't see any other approach.
If you think my code will break something, let me know what and I'll run some more tests. My code is in use on every project we've built during the last 6 months. We deploy more than just one site per month...
Remo replied on at Permalink
Hey Mike, any news on this? I still don't have any clue how you'd want to fix this without including the controller, seems pretty much impossible.

While I agree that forwarding calls to the controller is a bit ugly, this already happens, not at such an excess at it would with my pull requests, but it happens. And besides, having this bug in the core is definitely the ugliest thing!
Remo replied on at Permalink
Mike, as discussed by mail. Here's the updated pull request which would make sure the existing method getRequestedPage doesn't change:

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