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on_start() defined in a package does not fire when Full Page Cache is on

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I wonder if this is a bug or feature but it seems that if I declare on_start() function inside a package controller, it won't get fired if Full Page Caching is on. The function is declared as following:

public function on_start() {
            $l = new Log('testing', true);

On a "cache-clean" page load the event is fired a row is added to Logs table, but after page has been full-page cached no logging occurs. On pages that contains non-cacheable blocks every page load creates a log entry.

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andrew replied on at Permalink
That is a feature. We used to have full page caching fire later in the process but the flexibility is far outweighed by the speed benefits of having it fire early.
Ale replied on at Permalink
Thanks for your reply. I wonder if this correct place to continue discussion, but I'd like to ask what would be the best place in a package to add some code that should be executed on every page load, be the page cached or not? Would it require overriding/extending some core model(s)? Theme header/element is not possible in my case.
aghouseh replied on at Permalink
I'm running a modified version of Mnkras' page redirect attribute, and it's completely not firing when the user is logged out, as it uses the on_start() event as well. Is there a suggested event/method that will still fire even though caching is enabled?
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink
That sounds more like a bug than a feature to me. :)

Some discussion has started at

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