Saving a multidimensional array to the database doesn't work anymore

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In an add-on like the default gallery, typically there are 2 tables with a one to many relationship.
Developers have to take care of saving in the second table manually.

All add-ons I saw usually did that one line at a time. For instance, for the gallery, if you add 5 images, the add-on will save the info concerning the images in the second table one image at a time. That means 5 separate calls to the database.

I thought that was a bit slow so for my ad-on Social Icons Reloaded Pro, I put all the data in a multidimensional array and save it all in one go.

Since the 5.6.2.x update, that throws an error.

The code is as follow
$vals = array();
foreach ($data['item'] as $item) {
$var1= $data['var1'];
$var2= $data['var2'];
$var3= $data['var3'];
$vals[] = array($item, $var1, $var2, $var3);
$db->query("INSERT INTO tableName(item, var1, var2, var3) values (?,?,?,?)", $vals);

That works very well all the way up to
Starting from 5.6.2 it throws out the following error:

An unexpected error occurred. mysqlt error: [-9999: Input Array does not match ?: INSERT INTO btSocialIconsReloadedProLinks (bID,fID,is_custom_network,network,link,label,tooltip) values (Array,Array,Array,Array,] in Execute(, )

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