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I am digging into Express objects and they look very useful.

Got however few erratic behaviours that need your attention:

1. Attribute indexing update error. To replicate:
- in C5 interface (System&Settings->Express...) create an Attribute for an object, having the "Field available in advanced search" checkbox unchecked.
- later on, edit this attribute and check the above checbox, so that field needs to be indexed for search/filtering.
- try to add or edit an entry filling in this new attribute too. You'll get:

An exception occurred while executing 'UPDATE CarExpressSearchIndexAttributes SET ak_test = ? WHERE exEntryID = ?' with params [null, 7]: SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'ak_test' in 'field list'

Reason: CarExpressSearchIndexAttributes table does not get a new column when updating the attribute (as it does when creating it anew).

2. Delete an attribute does not delete its indexing info
Deleting an attribute that has a column in CarExpressSearchIndexAttributes (because it was indexed) does not delete its column in this same table.
Besides the "not clean" aspect of the issue, this means that if one recreates the attribute with the same name but different data type, the indexing info is not updated (because column exists already there => the new one is not created) and the info about column type and defaults will be wrong.

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theana27 replied on at Permalink Reply
Deleted attributes stay in database after reindexing.
theana27 replied on at Permalink Reply
Deleted attributes stay in database after reindexing.

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