Layout not movable

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- create a layout inside an area.
- create a few blocks in the same area.
Now if you try to drag & drop a layout within this area, the first time it will happen without any problems. If you try to move it a second time, without previously saving the changes, you'll get the following js error in the console:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'contendingDragAreas' of undefined

If you got a layout inside another layout, you can't drag & drop the second level layout even once, without getting the error.

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alexaalto replied on at Permalink Reply
I too have this same problem using a modified version of the out of box C5 theme. Looking closely at the javascript error in the Chrome console, I see the issue occurs here in /concrete/js/app.js (formatted in the Chrome console):

f.bindEvent("EditModeBlockDrag", _.throttle(function(c, d) {
                if (f.getDragging()) {
                    var j, k = d.block, l = d.pep, m = f.getAreas();
                    k instanceof Concrete.Layout && (m = [_(m).find(function(a) {
                        return k.getArea() === a
                    j = _.flatten(_(m).map(function(a) {
                        var b = a.contendingDragAreas(l, k);
                        return b
                    }), !0),

...where the problem seems to be with this code:

k instanceof Concrete.Layout && (m = [_(m).find(function(a) {
                        return k.getArea() === a

It seems that "k.getArea() === a" always fails after the first drag and drop attempt - however if we compare by ID only by changing it to "k.getAreaId() ===" then THIS WORKS! I edited the compressed app.js with this change and can drag and drop layouts as expected.

Not sure how to get this into the repo tho...



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