Express Data Objects

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For each Express Data Object (EDO) there is generated a table named dataObjectHandleExpressSearchIndexAttributes. For each attribute defined in the EDO there is created a column named ak_attributeHandle in this table, if the checkbox "Field available in advanced search" is checked on creation of an attribute. If you uncheck this field on attribute creation the column named ak_attributeHandle is not created into the table dataObjectHandleExpressSearchIndexAttributes. (dataObjectHandle and attributeHandle are place holders).

If you later check the "Field available in advanced search" checkbox on edit of the attribute, the field ak_attributeHandle neither is created into table dataObjectHandleExpressSearchIndexAttributes. This results in a runtime error, if you edit one of the EDO data entries or add an EDO list block with sort on such an attribute.

Similar happens if you change an option value of an attribute of type "subject". You can see the change in the EDO list but you'll get the old value retrieving the attribute value programatically as shown at "Getting Data From an Express Entry" section of page [],

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