Red line for .jpg image ..thumbnail size ...

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why is there a read line for thumb size?
"okok" this picture is not normal size..
but a read line never must be come..
and after i put this image in a block...
by saving the concrete5 "runs away to buying cigarettes"
the server responsed with error 500
"YIPPIE" compete in nirvana..
RESTORE the VM with plesk..
happy to have backups ;)

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Buschmann replied on at Permalink Reply
And if i try to copy-paste "some" html code into the editor ...
it comes "website not response" after a min...
it will be cool, if source-code can be uploaded on same way as images, sure as .txt format,
and than "imported" from the editor by clicking on this txt file full code??
Buschmann replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
OK here also ...
in THIS forum text field i can not upload the amount of source code :(
screenshot attached...

code for self-tests can be download here...
Buschmann replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
after 10x this site is frozen, you like to wait...
my code is in the field...
sure again 10x and it is on the point to save the editor-block
and after the yes save teh site button comes...
goesredy replied on at Permalink Reply
If you post something, please include environment info from Systems & Settings

I think you're trying to upload big picture or unsupported type, which is can't handled by your environment, not the c5 itself.
Buschmann replied on at Permalink Reply
yes normal i did, but in this moment i am locked out of the system ..complete..
Sytem is running up and fine, but the "formular-key" makes trouble, so i cant login...
Next days the move to new webserver is done, after i hope it is fixed on mystery way from allone, or i must find the problem :(
than we can go back to this main problem..

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