Survey Bug: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable

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Surveys are broken on 8.4.3 with PHP 7.2 if there are no options defined.

I'm getting the following error:

`count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable`

on line 48 of concrete5-8.4.3/concrete/blocks/survey/view.php

`$show_graph = (count($optionNamesAbbrev) && !$_GET['dontGraphPoll'] && $totalVotes > 0);`

See attached image.

To replicate:
1. Run C5-8.4.3 on PHP 7.2
2. Add a Survey block to a page.
3. Type in a question.
4. Leave the options blank.
5. Click "Add"

You should see the error immediately.


Background: The problem surveys were imported with the migration tool from a version 6 site. It seems either options were not properly imported, or perhaps subsequent migrations are clobbering option definitions.

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Thanks, mlocati!

concrete5 Environment Information

# concrete5 Version
Core Version - 8.4.3
Version Installed - 8.4.3
Database Version - 20180716000000

# concrete5 Packages
All In: The Advanced Member Import Add On by ampersandApps (1.0.5), Login Return (1.0), Migration Tool (0.9.0), NeatNGSX (1.0.0), Parent Link (0.0.1), S3 Storage (3.0.3), Set Study Group (0.0.1), Vimeo Video (1.0.2)

# concrete5 Overrides
blocks/facilitator/view.php, blocks/facilitator/README.txt, blocks/facilitator/controller.php, blocks/facilitator, elements/conversation/, elements/conversation/message.php, elements/conversation/count_header.php, elements/conversation/display.php, elements/conversation/, elements/conversation, single_pages/ngsx_data_dump.php, single_pages/dump.php, tools/conversations/view_ajax.php, tools/conversations/, tools/conversations/add_message.php, tools/conversations/, tools/conversations, src/Conversation/Message/, src/Conversation/Message/FilteredMessageList.php, src/Conversation/Message/, src/Conversation/Message/FilteredThreadedList.php, src/Conversation/Message, src/Conversation

# concrete5 Cache Settings
Block Cache - Off
Overrides Cache - Off
Full Page Caching - Off
Full Page Cache Lifetime - Every 6 hours (default setting).

# Server Software

# Server API

# PHP Version

# PHP Extensions
cgi-fcgi, Core, ctype, curl, date, dom, exif, fileinfo, filter, ftp, gd, hash, iconv, intl, json, libxml, mbstring, mysqli, mysqlnd, openssl, pcre, PDO, pdo_mysql, pdo_sqlite, Phar, posix, readline, Reflection, session, SimpleXML, soap, sodium, SPL, sqlite3, standard, tokenizer, xml, xmlreader, xmlwriter, xsl, Zend OPcache, zip, zlib

# PHP Settings
max_execution_time - 30
log_errors_max_len - 1024
max_file_uploads - 20
max_input_nesting_level - 64
max_input_time - -1
max_input_vars - 1000
memory_limit - 128M
post_max_size - 100M
upload_max_filesize - 100M
mysqli.max_links - Unlimited
mysqli.max_persistent - Unlimited
pcre.backtrack_limit - 1000000
pcre.recursion_limit - 100000
session.cache_limiter - <i>no value</i>
session.gc_maxlifetime - 7200
soap.wsdl_cache_limit - 5
opcache.max_accelerated_files - 10000
opcache.max_file_size - 0
opcache.max_wasted_percentage - 5

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Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_14_2) AppleWebKit/605.1.15 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/12.0.2 Safari/605.1.15