Global area location moved to a different div!

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I have the following chunk of code in a theme I am developing:

<div class="theme-hl d-none d-md-block" data-collapse="true">
<div class="container">
<div class="row m-0">
<div class="theme-hl-logo float-left"><?php $a = new GlobalArea('Header Lower Logo'); ?></div>
<div class="theme-h-nav col align-self-center"><div class="d-flex justify-content-center">
<?php $a->display($c);$a = new GlobalArea('Header Nav'); $a->display($c); ?>
$site = Site::getSite(); 
$target = $site->getAttribute('search_target');
if ($target > 0):
$npage = \Page::getByID($target);
<div class="theme-hl-search float-right">
<search use-popup="true" action="<?php echo $npage->generatePagePath(); ?>"/>

The "header lower logo" Global area is MOVED out of the div it is in and relocated to immediately before the next global area in the rendered HTML. The original location is just left empty.

This is shown happening in edit mode under the chrome developer tools, and occurs in final rendering.

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mlocati replied on at Best Answer Permalink Reply
The problem is in your code: the area is rendered where you have

and not where you have
<?php $a = new GlobalArea('Header Lower Logo'); ?>
barrypearce replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes! Thank you!
Sometimes despite knowing you have done something sill you just cant spot it!

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