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Hi ... even after document library is in C5 core (i bought it before it was) e report bugs that will not be fitted and make not usable the function

what we aspect is that allowed users can build a tree structure and upload document in their leaf or root.... all of this WITHOUT they can see all documents/images and so on stored in standard file manager. And that only allowed users/groups can see them and download them.

I've seen a lot of other users requests the same, putting also bug and enhacments in this topic or even directly in github

Would it be possible to have a clear indication if this C5 core functionality will be fixed ? if not its better to remove it (and I would be sad about it)

bests.. Michele from Rome

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c5dragon replied on at Permalink Reply

Problem: Folder/File View Permissions are not honored.
Want to have: Don't show folders/files which the user is not allowed to see.

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