Error upgrading from 8.4.3 to 8.5.1

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Upgrade to 8.5.1 throws this error:

"There is no table with name 'bitnami_concrete58.expressform170expresssearchindexattributes' in the schema."


Line 43.

return new self("There is no table with name '".$tableName."' in the schema.", self::TABLE_DOESNT_EXIST);

I double checked the mysql db and there's definitely not supposed to be a table with that name.

Tried running the script again (forced) with "/index.php/ccm/system/upgrade?force=1" but same error. No other pages in the site are viewable afterwards, as the error affects all of them, effectively bricking the site.

I was able to do a clean install with 8.5.1 with no issues. However, I need a site to support PHP 7.3 so the upgrade path is essential.

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jb1 replied on at Permalink Reply
This was becoming an issue for me, preventing me from upgrading to 8.5.x on my development installation, so I troubleshooted it and found the cause was in concrete/src/Updater/Migrations/Version20180926070300.php

this line:
$indexTable = $schema->getTable($indexTableName);

was returning an array or an invalid table name. So when I commented out the following line to prevent the code from running it worked ok:

$this->fixExpressEntityAttributeIndexTable($schema, $expressEntity);

Naturally, I'm concerned that a necessary upgrade to the db structure hasn't occurred so I'm not sure what the possible side-effects in the future could be.

Hopefully this is helpful to anyone facing the same issue.

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