Layout not movable

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- create a layout inside an area.
- create a few blocks in the same area.
Now if you try to drag & drop a layout within this area, the first time it will happen without any problems. If you try to move it a second time, without previously saving the changes, you'll get the following js error in the console:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'contendingDragAreas' of undefined

If you got a layout inside another layout, you can't drag & drop the second level layout even once, without getting the error.

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alexaalto replied on at Permalink Reply
I too have this same problem using a modified version of the out of box C5 theme. Looking closely at the javascript error in the Chrome console, I see the issue occurs here in /concrete/js/app.js (formatted in the Chrome console):

f.bindEvent("EditModeBlockDrag", _.throttle(function(c, d) {
                if (f.getDragging()) {
                    var j, k = d.block, l = d.pep, m = f.getAreas();
                    k instanceof Concrete.Layout && (m = [_(m).find(function(a) {
                        return k.getArea() === a
                    j = _.flatten(_(m).map(function(a) {
                        var b = a.contendingDragAreas(l, k);
                        return b
                    }), !0),

...where the problem seems to be with this code:

k instanceof Concrete.Layout && (m = [_(m).find(function(a) {
                        return k.getArea() === a

It seems that "k.getArea() === a" always fails after the first drag and drop attempt - however if we compare by ID only by changing it to "k.getAreaId() ===" then THIS WORKS! I edited the compressed app.js with this change and can drag and drop layouts as expected.

Not sure how to get this into the repo tho...


katalysis replied on at Permalink Reply
Tested and confirmed

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