Saving any block fails in Chrome 83

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In edit mode, when you add or edit any block on a page and press save an empty error message pops up in chrome 83. The request to submit seems to get cancelled by the browser.

No error messages can be found, in the php log, the webserver log, or the concrete5 log.

This seems to happen on 5.6, 5,7 and v8 sites when using Chrome 83.
When you reload the page the block seems to be saved.

It doesn't matter what block type you use, they all error on all areas on all pages. I've tested this in multple sites of multiple c5 versions. They all have the same issue.

In chrome 81 or firefox all the sites function normally. It seems to be specific to the Chrome 83 update from May 19th 2020.

The issue is not caused by any extension. I tested also with all extensions disabled.

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thealexdavis replied on at Permalink Reply
I don't have a solution (I'm looking into potential fixes) but I wanted to confirm this is happening to me as well.

I tried two different sites on two different networks, both version 8.5.2 (updated from previous version 7s), and I was getting the same error.
Nintholo replied on at Permalink Reply
Same issue.
The empty error message occurs everytime i try to add a block to a page using the latest version of Google Chrome. Saving a Content Block this error message is displayed in Chrome console:

[CKEDITOR] Error code: editor-element-conflict. {editorName: "cke-e70447af602a9b36f73b73844632cb30"}

Tested with both Concrete5 5.7 and 8.5.2

With Microsoft Eedge the error doesn't appear so I think it's related to some changes made with the latest version of Chrome:
wrongform replied on at Permalink Reply
Also reports an error after updating the edge browser. (Edge 83.0.478.37)
worxbranding replied on at Permalink Reply
goodsir replied on at Permalink Reply
Confirming this issue as well.
50texby replied on at Permalink Reply 3 Attachments
technicalfootballtuition replied on at Permalink Reply
nickratering replied on at Best Answer Permalink Reply
wrongform replied on at Permalink Reply
Confirmed. Very awkward :(
carl101lee replied on at Permalink Reply
Same Issue - Also seen on multilpe other installs running a few older versions.
jessicadunbar replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello! Thank you! Here's little more information we put together.

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Ubuntu 20.04, Chrome 83

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Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/83.0.4103.61 Safari/537.36