User selector attribute popup on a file disappears if you filter the "Choose a User" modal

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To recreate the issue:

1: Make a new "user selector" file attribute

2: Go to File Manager, right click on a file and click "Properties"

3: Click on the new attribute that you made, it will show a popup containing a "choose a user" button

4: Click "choose a user" to bring up the "Choose a User" modal

5: If you first click a username, the "Choose a User" modal will close and the clicked user will be in the "choose user" field - this is fine. However, if you first do anything else in the "Choose a User" modal (search, sort, etc) and THEN click a username, the entire properties modal will have closed - and the user will not have been saved into the attribute.

This issue seems to be linked to how the popup box containing "choose a user" closes when you click outside it. Perhaps it thinks that the clicking within the "Choose a User" modal counts as an "onblur" event?

This seems to be specific to the popup, and not necessarily the "choose a user" button. As a package that I use called "Multiple files attribute" also relies on the popup box to hold it's input, and it experiences the same issue above.

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JackVanson replied on at Permalink Reply
This also happens when you want to select a page own/author.

A work around for this issue is to edit the page in composer mode.

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