Community Leaders

communityLeaders.pngIf you’re an individual who has has helped the concrete5 community grow, we’re deeply appreciative and want to help you in any way we can. You can earn Karma points by helping others in our forums, promoting the project, or contributing code.

Earn over 5,000 Karma points and you become a Community Leader.

The benefits include:

  • Listing on Members search page in the Community Leaders sort.
  • Community Leader badge next to your Add-ons & Themes in the Marketplace.
  • Community Leader badge next to your name in our community search.
  • Rights to use the concrete5:Leader logo on your own website & marketing materials. 
  • Access to the deal of the day calendar so you can plan on buying add-ons & themes at huge discounts.
  • Access to private message board with the rest of the Community leaders. These forums are monitored by concrete5 experts and you’re guaranteed SOME type of response to your question within 2 business days. 

What is Karma?
Karma is what you get for helping the concrete5 community. Some actions (like having your post chosen as an answer or sending us a new user through your referrer link) automatically give you Karma points. Other activities (like hosting a meetup or sticking a sticker somewhere) are things you have to submit a Karma request for us to know about.