Membership Commitment

Membership of the PRB isn not just a perk for experienced developers. No matter how experienced a developer is, PRB membership requires a demonstrated commitment to regularly reviewing submissions

PRB members don't need to be elite developers or designers (although that can help). More important is commitment, a thorough approach to reviewing and an eye for detail. For completely new applications we will look at any of or all of input on the forums, howtos, github and the marketplace as a commitment to community involvement. After 6 months re-applications are judged on how much input a PRB member has made to reviews.

Membership only lasts 6 months and is automatically cancelled. At the end of that period, all of us who decide to reapply will be subject to the same review of our contributions. Membership may be cancelled before the 6 month period has elaspsed if a member shows a prolonged period of inactivity. We are looking for an average commitment of 1 full review per week. 

To request to join or rejoin the PRB please send a PM to one of the administrators. Applications will be reviewed roughly monthly and the list on this page updated.

New members may not be approved immediately. This is no reflection on your ability, just that with membership being fixed term we need to stagger join dates so that we don't end up with everyone running out all at once. 

If you have been a long term contributor to PRB reviews, you may also apply to be a PRB administrator. Administrator applications will be judged on consistent and rigorous input to reviews, display of good judgement in reviews, and evidence of consistently high quality work on addons or themes or on oncrete5 forums or other aspects of development. The number of administrators is deliberately limited.

Membership Benefits

Lets clear up a common misconception. PRB members do not have any right to download or use an addon or theme outside of what is necessary for reviewing it. There is no renumeration in terms of addon licences or actual cash. Occasionally a developer will grant a reviewer who has been particularly helpful a license as a token of appreciation, but such a gratuity should never be expected. PRB members work for free.

What you get from being an active PRB member:

  • A chance to learn how others develop and think about code. (But you need to be careful to not cross a line between learning and breech of copyright)
  • A preview of what is coming soon to the marketplace.
  • Experience reviewing others code and functionality helps you to look more critically at your own work. Making the concrete5 marketplace better for everyone, including yourself.
  • Credibility for your CV
  • A PRB badge on your concrete5 profile
  • Karma.

Some notes for PRB reviewers

When you have time to review, just pick something that looks like it hasn't had enough attention or has a new version needing attention and work through the thumbs. Also check through recently auto-live addons. There can sometimes be addons made auto-live while waiting for review.

Overall, if the thumbs are OK, it does what it says on the tin, uses the core API where applicable, looks like part of concrete5, doesn't break anything and can't be broken, that is enough for approval. Use red thumbs liberally when there are issues. Post comments stating clearly whether you think a submission is or is not ready for approval and why.

Consider the guidelines on the submission page and:

The marketplace page should make it clear what a submission is and does. The documentation page(s) should make it clear how to use it. Often the clarity and pitch of the documentation can play a big role on the level a submission should be categorised at. Please comment if you think an addon should be beginner/intermediate/developer/bleeding edge.

You are welcome to offer suggestions for improvement as well as just fixing approval issues, but please make it clear what is a suggestion and what is an issue. If a submission has too many fundamental issues, you can also suggest that it be removed for re-work and submitted again later. The PRB is a gateway, not a school for developers. When you think something is ready for approval, please say so.

Please subscribe to the PRB forum so you get notification of any PRB communication. If there are specific discussions that are outside your area of interest, you can unsubscibe from them individually.

Marketplace submissions for review are listed in the Review Pending page, often referred to as the PRB List. You will see a link to this page as Marketplace Review in the list to the right of your profile page.

(For Administrators) The code behind approving a submission can be erratic, so please use the Marketplace News page to confirm an approval action has actually completed.

PRB members and review participation
PRB Member

A listing of all PRB members and review participation over the last 45 days.

Username Role Comments Votes Downloads
1 JohntheFish Admin 73 0 8
2 enlil 22 0 3
3 Xanweb 11 0 3
4 mnakalay Admin 8 1 2
5 tallacman Admin 0 0 0

PRB AdminAdministrators

PRB members who are also administrators and moderators, with authority to approve, un-approve, delete and grant exceptions from the automated tests.

As well as being experienced reviewers, PRB Andministrators have further roles in making final approval decisions for marketplace submissions and general curation of the marketplace. The number of administrators is kept deliberately small, while the number of general PRB members can go up and down with both how busy the PRB is and availability of suitable candidates.