Release Notes

Behavioral Improvements

  • Improvements to ccm.app.css and ccm.app.js for coexistence with full bootstrap themes. Broke bootstrap.js into a separate JavaScript file.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bugs where certain block dialogs and add stack dialog were blank in IE8.
  • Fixed IE bugs where the sub-toolbar status bar wouldn’t display
  • fixed inability to use page picker when register globals was on.
  • Fixed bug where deleting alias would delete source page (again).
  • fixing bug where blocks would disappear when adding a layout if the cache was on.
  • fix bug in simple permissions display when working with deleted groups.
  • Fixed blank file manager window in IE8.
  • Attempting to solve intermittent error in PagePermissionAssignments messages that happen on certain upgrades.
  • Fixed error when using group combinations on basic workflow.
  • Better permissions upgrading when using simple permissions.
  • Guestbook comments will now no longer be removed on update of guestbook block.
  • Attempting to solve “Illegal Mix of Collations” MySQL error that can affect some setups when previewing pages.
  • Fixed: http ://www.concrete5.org/index.php?cID=380195
  • File manager saved search cosmetic improvements.
  • Removed old code from user avatar uploader that could cause problems if used maliciously.
  • Fixed bug where Schedule Guest Access would remove all but guest users from view permission.
  • http://www.concrete5.org/developers/bugs/
  • Pretty URLs are now honored in the Next/Previous block.
  • Fixed: http://www.concrete5.org/developers/bugs/
  • Fixed error where setting custom groups on Access User Search or Assign User Groups permission results in showing one group repeated over and over.
  • Added legacy getPermissionsObject back to Block Controller to fix Reviews add-on, others.
  • Fixed typo in the form block (Thanks Remo).
  • Fixing the error in loading the editor when using custom code and the Concrete TinyMCE theme.